Latest News on Catholic Priests

35 Abuse allegations made against 23 priests in Shannonside Dioceses
Shannon Side – Found 14 hours agoThere were up to 35 abuse allegations made against 23 priests in dioceses that cross the … that the State works with all Catholic Diocese in the
Source: Via Infonary
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Dr. Hope Quote of the Day:

“May the pain you have known and the conflict you have experienced give you the strength to walk through life facing each new situation with courage and optimism.”

–Anne Nymous (What a gal, here she is again, you can always count on her for an inspirational quote!)

A funny thing happened to me this morning

Early this morning I was walking down the beautifully wooded street which delectably winds around and through my neighborhood.  As I neared my home, unexpectedly,  I found a tattered old grey bag off to the side of the road surrounded by newly grown grass and freshly fallen  leaves.  I opened it and much to my surprise it was filled to the brim with crisp one hundred dollar bills wrapped in $2500 bundles! Wow, now I can finally catch up and be financially secure once again, after losing so much in the last four years. I will now be able to up my donations to help the homeless and less fortunate.  I can pay off my home, stop working so hard to make so little and take my woman on a much needed European vacation!  I got so excited I woke up…

Dr. Hope gets banned from Oceans Eleven Casino

Dr. Hope was banned from Ocean’s Eleven Casino on July 10, 2012

The reason: Caring too much about the employees. Want to know exactly why Mark Keligian of Ocean’s Eleven Casino banned Dr. Hope?

Click here to find out:

Amazing Spam

Wow, it sure is interesting the amount of spam that comes into my comment box. 39 comments on the last article and only one was a real person. Hmmm.  Maybe people are more interested in selling their stuff than talking about poker.  Well, if that’s the case, I’ll approve all the spam to this little rant.

But since I have the floor, here’s a quick joke: Did you know that the fattest knight at King Arthur’s round table was Sir Cumference. He acquired his size from too much pi.

A Poker Player’s Justification for Playing the Lottery

My plan this week was simple: just win the lottery.  The odds against doing so are 176,000,000 to 1.  The cash prize was $380,000,000.  So I’m getting better than 2 to 1 price to call. That’s great pot odds!  How can I lose?  Well with out a doubt an investment of $176,000,000 is clearly called for,  unfortunately I found myself a little short.

But I had an idea! I could further increase my chances to where I had a 20 times greater chance to win by simply buying $20 worth of tickets instead of one, so now I’m really only 8.8 million to 1 dog and the prize is $380,000,000! Wow! But what if I bought $1800, then I would be less than a million to 1. How can I resist this fantastic investment?  What should I do?

Stay tuned for the results!


Okay, so I’m $20 poorer  :(   (I resisted the $1800 bet)  But I learned a valuable lesson: If at first you don’t succeed, cry, cry, again!  ;-)          Yes, I will be telling this bad beat story to everyone I know. I can’t believe I didn’t win…

WPT and the Bike

I’ve always liked the Bike.  I played my first WPT event there seven years ago. Well, on November 17th  the World Poker Tour and the Bicycle Casino in Bell Gardens, CA announced a five-year extension of their longstanding relationship. Hooray!

So looks like  the Legends of Poker will remain a WPT event through 2015.  Cool.

WPT President Adam Pliska wrote in a press release: “The Bicycle Casino has been an enthusiastic and devoted venue partner and the WPT is proud to continue its association with the incredibly popular Legends of Poker event and the team behind it. The Bicycle Casino is a charter member of the WPT and this extension will allow us to build on a tradition of collaboration and best-in-class poker started in 2002.”

So next August you know where I’ll be:  The Legends of Poker at the Bike!


Dr. Hope

New Article on

There’s a new article on written by Dr. Richard Lederer, Ph.D.  If that name sounds familiar to you poker players that’s because he has fathered two world champion poker players: Howard Lederer and Annie Duke.  Because of this, with tongue in cheek, I call Richard: the world’s most prolific poker champion breeder.

His article is called:

How Colorful Poker Words Came to Paint the Landscape of Everyday Conversation.

Here is an excerpt:

My Kids the Poker Players

My son Howard Lederer and daughter Annie Duke live and move and have their beings in that windowless, clockless pleasure dome known as Las Vegas. I’m pleased to report that they are the only sibling pair ever both to reach the final day of a World Series of Poker event and to have won national tournaments with capacious and impressive names, such as the Diamond Jim Brady Texas Hold’em Shootout, the Four Queens Poker Classic in High-Limit Omaha, and the Hall of Fame Classic Deuce-to-Seven Lowball Draw No-Limit. Phew.

My children’s achievements in the gaming halls inspire me to deal from a full deck of vivid words and phrases that have made the trip from the poker table into our everyday conversation and writing. The color and high-risk excitement of poker have made the language of the game one of the most pervasive metaphors in our language.

The basic elements of poker are the cards, the chips, and the play of the hand, and each has become embedded in our daily parlance. Beginning with the cards themselves, the verb to discard descends from decard, “away card,” and first meant to reject a card from one’s hand. Gradually, the meaning of discard has broadened to include rejection beyond card-playing. A cardsharp who is out to cheat you may be dealing from the bottom of the deck and giving you a fast shuffle, in which case you may get lost in the shuffle. You might call such a low-down skunk a four-flusher. Flush, a hand of five cards that are all of one suit, flows from the Latin fluxus because all the cards flow together. Four-flusher characterizes a poker player who pretends to such good fortune but in fact holds a worthless hand of four same-suit cards and one that doesn’t match.

All of these terms originated with poker and other betting card games and have undergone a process that linguists call broadening. A good example of movement from one specific argot to another is wild card berth or wild card player as used in football and tennis. In these sports, a team hopes for back-to-back victories – from a fortuitous ace-down-ace-up as the first two cards in a game of five-card stud.

Now that I’ve laid my cards on the table, let’s see what happens when the chips are down. Why do we call a gilt-edged, sure-thing stock a blue-chip stock? Because poker chips are white, red, and blue, and the blue ones are the most valuable. Why, when we compare the value and power of two things, do we often ask how one stacks up against the other, as in “How do the Red Sox stack up against the Yankees?” Here the reference is to the columns of chips piled up before the players around a poker table. These stacks of plastic betting markers also account for the expressions bottom dollar and top dollar. Betting one’s bottom dollar means wagering the entire stack, and the top dollar, or chip, is the one that sits atop the highest pile on the table. Indeed, the metaphor of poker chips is so powerful that one of the euphemisms we use for death is cashing in one’s chips.

Here’s a direct link to the rest of the article:

L.A. Poker Open

Ahh, the Crown Plaza hotel at the Commerce Casino, what a great place to stay while you’re playing poker. I’m just back from the opening event in the LA Poker Open. I had a great time (I went deep both days) and I hope to find the time to play in the main event later this month. Great tournament with $100k guaranteed first prize. If you played up there this week I’d love to hear about your experience. Just a reminder: Play poker for free or rent a room to play with your friends at :

A Real Bad Beat

I once was playing in a WPT event where I spoke to this fellow who told me what I believe to be the worse bad beat story I ever heard. He was playing online and was dealt pocket aces. He raised and got two callers. The flop came with two aces. He checked and the other players bet the pot for him. He just smooth called. The turn was a blank, no straight-flush draws, everyone was drawing dead. On player moves all in the other calls, this is a dream come true. Then it happens: this fellows computer freezes up. When he gets it running again he sees that his hand was folded and he lost the pot. Now that’s a bad beat.